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Yi (Joshua) Ren

I am a Ph.D. (2020-now) student who is working on machine learning under the supervision of Prof. Danica J. Sutherland at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I finished my M.S. at the University of Edinburgh (2018-2019) with Prof. Simon Kirby and Prof. Shay Cohen exploring how the principles discovered from language evolution help in deep learning. Before that, I spent most of my time studying wireless communication: 2 years as a research engineer at Huawei, 2 years as a master student (supervised by Prof. Chao Wang) and 4 years as a bechelor student (both at Tongji University).

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  • 08/2022, visiting Professor Aaron Courville's group at Mila for 4 months, really enjoy living in Montreal.

  • 02/2022, two papers are accepted by ICLR-2022, code and camera-ready will be released soon.

  • 10/2021, finally, after one-year's waiting, I arrive in Vancouver to start my 2nd-year Ph.D. study.
  • Highlight Topics

    I believe "clustering" my work by topics can provide a good overview of my research interest. Here are some.

  • Neural Iterated Learning
  • Emergent Communication
  • Representation Learning
  • Talks

    Oh, I am looking forward to give a talk about my research. But I didn't get a chance yet T_T.


    Machine Learning:

    1. Better Supervisory Signals by Observing Learning Paths
      Yi Ren, Shangmin Guo, Danica J. Sutherland
      ICLR 2022 | pdf | code

    2. Expressivity of Emergent Language is a Trade-off between Contextual Complexity and Unpredictability
      Shangmin Guo, Yi Ren, Kory Mathewson, Simon Kirby, Stefano V. Albrecht, Kenny Smith
      ICLR 2022 | pdf | code | workshop-version

    3. Compositional languages emerge in a neural iterated learning model
      Yi Ren, Shangmin Guo, Matthieu Labeau, Shay B. Cohen, Simon Kirby
      ICLR 2020 | pdf | code | workshop-version

    4. The Emergence of Compositional Languages for Numeric Concepts Through Iterated Learning in Neural Agents
      Shangmin Guo, Yi Ren, Serhii Havrylov, Stella Frank, Ivan Titov, Kenny Smith
      EmeCom@NeurIPS 2019 | pdf

    Wireless Communications:

    1. Location-partition-based resource allocation in D2D-supported vehicular communication networks
      Meiyan Wu, Yi Ren, Ping Wang, Chao Wang, Yusheng Ji
      IEEE VTC-Spring 2018 | pdf

    2. Power control in D2D-based vehicular communication networks
      Yi Ren, Fuqiang Liu, Zhi Liu, Chao Wang, Yusheng Ji
      IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol. 2015 | pdf

    3. Applying LTE-D2D to support V2V communication using local geographic knowledge
      Yi Ren, Chao Wang, Dong Liu, Fuqiang Liu, Erwu Liu
      IEEE VTC-Fall 2015 | pdf

    4. Bounds on secondary user connectivity in cognitive radio networks
      Dong Liu, Erwu Liu, Yi Ren, Zhengqing Zhang, Rui Wang, Fuqiang Liu
      IEEE Commun. Lett. 2015 | pdf

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